Staubach Capital Investment Philosophy

Staubach Capital pursues attractive risk-adjusted returns through acquisition, development and/or repositioning of real estate assets in our core markets. We invest in assets we know and neighborhoods we understand, focusing on opportunities where our unique resources create competitive advantages and the opportunity for above average returns.

We believe in the long-term strength and durability of the Texas and U.S. economies. We have invested across multiple market cycles, so we focus on risk management and downside protection in all investments. Our investment strategies and structures are attractive in any market.

Staubach Capital Investment Types

We seek acquisitions of existing assets, where the focus is on enhancing value upside by growing NOI, as well as highly selective development and redevelopment opportunities, where the focus is on value creation and addressing an underserved market need.

Our acquisition strategy is to aggressively pursue underperforming or mispriced assets, and then develop a property-specific repositioning plan. We capitalize on our domain know-how to unlock value that may not fit traditional institutional funds or investors.

We also work on ground-up development and repositioning of existing assets. Our development strategy is to select projects in our core and emerging core submarkets that have an inherent advantage over general open-market development – through irreplaceable locations, outstanding sponsors and other differentiating attributes. We use our network to source proprietary deals with distinct market advantages.

Staubach Capital Direct & Sponsored Investments

Our team has hands-on development and operational real estate expertise, which has created exceptional results in acquiring and repositioning assets. We use that knowledge in direct investments and investments with project sponsors.

The principals at Staubach Capital have an unmatched network of local operating partners in our target markets that enable us to identify, underwrite, close and eventually exit an asset. We fund operating partners who have the following:

  1. Exceptional domain expertise
  2. Access to advantageous market opportunities
  3. A proven track record of creating value and maximizing investor returns
  4. A reputation of integrity

For sponsored investments, we place a priority on relationships where we can leverage our experience and platform to have a significant impact on results.